This month I’ve had time to take photos of people and animals around me after almost a year of being away from my camera. It made me nostalgic. I remember looking over my father’s shoulder some five years ago as he explained the basics of aperture, shutter speed and lighting, and had me practice with […]

The first time I jumped off the big diving board into the pool as a kid, I was scared silly. I made myself do it again and again, until my heart rate was steady and my legs stopped shaking when I climbed up the ladder and I could race down the length of the diving […]

“It’s the missus’ horse.” He jams his hands in his pockets and frowns at me gruffly from under an old baseball cap. He’s an older guy, maybe mid-seventies, and I secretly wonder if he’ll be able to hold the horse for me while I sedate it. I grab my bucket, headlamp, stethoscope, syringes, needles and […]

Sometimes I think that my dog Sam is not very smart. He panics if I leave the room suddenly, and when I come back he barks and howls and whimpers like I’ve been gone for days. If he’s having a particularly anxious day, he butts up against my legs so I trip right over him […]

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Lately I’ve been learning that school doesn’t always prepare you for real life. Don’t get me wrong – I graduated from a wonderful vet school with top-notch medicine, clinicians and educators…but still. No one told me how to catch, examine and treat an injured goat in a snowy pasture with 12 other goats all by […]

Earlier this week I received a package in the mail from a very dear friend who I have been dating for the past two months. It nearly made me cry. In this little box plastered with dog and cat stamps (double bonus points!) was a small wooden owl and a note referencing a children’s novel […]