“Um, I can’t really breathe.” In my mind, this should elicit some degree of alarm – but apparently, not in a dress store. “Just try it,” orders the stylist calmly as she fastens an increasingly stiff and tight corset around my waist. I’m standing in front of a floor-length mirror wearing a lacy white gown […]

This weekend, my best friend and I sat down together and wrote a list. It brought us close to tears. To most people, this list of seemingly random names, places, and events makes little sense. But to us, this list documents the countless number of things that had to happen, at exactly the right time […]

My best friend and I have this phrase we say to each other every great while, when we encounter some new and significant piece of sharing life together: “If I had told you when we first met that we’d be talking about _____ or doing _____ together after less than a year of dating, what […]

This month I’ve had time to take photos of people and animals around me after almost a year of being away from my camera. It made me nostalgic. I remember looking over my father’s shoulder some five years ago as he explained the basics of aperture, shutter speed and lighting, and had me practice with […]

The first time I jumped off the big diving board into the pool as a kid, I was scared silly. I made myself do it again and again, until my heart rate was steady and my legs stopped shaking when I climbed up the ladder and I could race down the length of the diving […]

“It’s the missus’ horse.” He jams his hands in his pockets and frowns at me gruffly from under an old baseball cap. He’s an older guy, maybe mid-seventies, and I secretly wonder if he’ll be able to hold the horse for me while I sedate it. I grab my bucket, headlamp, stethoscope, syringes, needles and […]

Sometimes I think that my dog Sam is not very smart. He panics if I leave the room suddenly, and when I come back he barks and howls and whimpers like I’ve been gone for days. If he’s having a particularly anxious day, he butts up against my legs so I trip right over him […]